Infections of the Liver and Biliary System,An Issue of Gastroenterology Clinics of North America

Edited by Rajender Reddy, MD
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Infections of the liver and biliary system are not uncommon, while most of the infections are viral in nature. Globally, viral hepatitis is a major public health problem and parallels infections such as HIV and tuberculosis and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Rapid advances have been made with HCV therapy at a time when the community focus has shifted to global elimination. This issue highlights some of the areas of considerable advances and challenges in viral hepatitis B and C. In addition, Hepatitis E is resurfacing as an infection of significance, particularly in the Western World where there is a prevalence of chronic infections. Gastroenterologists and hepatologists often think of viral hepatitis as the sole cause of hepatic infections, but there are other infections caused to bacteria, fungi and parasites; this issue highlights these infections as well. Articles are devoted to the following topics: Global epidemiology of viral hepatitis; Update on diagnostics in viral hapatitis; Heptatitis B: Immunization and impact on natural history and cancer incidence; Heptatitis B: Current status of therapy and future therapies; Hepatitis Delta: Prevalence, natural history, and treatment options; Hepatitis C: How good is real-life data and do  generics work: Hepatitis C: Does successful treatment alter the natural history and quality of life; Hepatitis E: Epidemiology,clinical course, prevention, and treatment; CMV and EBV infections of the liver; Extrahepatic manifestations of viral hepatitis; Pyogenic and amebic infections of the liver; and Fungal and parasitic infections of the liver.
ISBN 9780323695657
Author Information Edited by Rajender Reddy, MD, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Pages 240
Publication Date 28-06-2020
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