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Australian Critical Care Journal (ACCCN) : http://www.journals.elsevier.com/australian-critical-care
ClinicalKey Australian Edition : http://www.clinicalkey.com.au
Collegian; The Australian Journal of Nursing Practice, Scholarship & Research : http://www.collegianjournal.com//
CPM Resource Center : http://www.cpmrc.com/
Critical Times : http://www.acccn.com.au//
Elsevier Author WebShop : http://webshop.elsevier.com/
Elsevier Business Intelligence : http://www.elsevierbi.com/
Elsevier Commercial Sales : http://www.elseviercommercialsales.com/
Elsevier Customer Support for Authors, Editors & reviewers : http://support.elsevier.com/
Elsevier Editors's Update : http://editorsupdate.elsevier.com/
Elsevier Foundation : http://www.elsevierfoundation.org/ 
Elsevier Mental Health : http://www.elseviermentalhealth.com/
Elsevier Reprints : http://reprints.elsevier.com/
Embase Classic : http://embase.com/info/
Endocrinology Advance : http://www.endocrinologyadvance.com/
Elsevier Global http://www.elsevier.com
Elsevier Global eStore http://www.store.elsevier.com
Expert Consult powered by Inkling : http://expertconsult.inkling.com/
Heart Lung and Circulation Journal : http://www.heartlungcirc.org/
Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport : http://www.jsams.org/
Mosby's Nursing Suite : http://confidenceconnected.com/
NursingPlus.com : http://www.nursingplus.com/
Ob/Gyn Advance : http://obgynadvance.com/
Obesity Research and Clinical Practice : http://www.obesityresearchclinicalpractice.com/
OncologySTAT : Is now Practice Update
Point of Care Guidelines : http://www.cpmguidelines.com/
Rapid Reference to Influenza Resource Center : http://www.rapidreferenceinfluenza.com/resource-center
Science & Technology Books : http://www.elsevierdirect.com/index.jsp
Student Consult powered by Inkling : http://studentconsult.inkling.com/
Women and Birth Journal : http://www.womenandbirth.org/

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