Evolve offers a robust set of tools and products to create an interactive classroom environment for today's nursing and health professions students. An ever-expanding array of resources bring your textbook to life by bringing media-rich content and real-world situations into the classroom.

The Evolve solution begins with your Elsevier textbook and connects you to multi-dimensional learning experiences. It continues with the Evolve Communities, where the most up-to-date insights, information, tools, and trends in educational technology have been combined to offer students a place to come together and interact within a comprehensive educational environment.

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Student Consult

Student Consult titles are the core textbooks you need combined with the technology you expect. When you purchase a title with STUDENT CONSULT, a unique pin code unlocks online access, as well as many valuable tools and bonus content, including:

  • Full text online - build your own online library and search across all your books.
  • Integration links - seamlessly connect to additional and related content in other Student Consult titles.
  • And now, exciting new Paperless options subscribe to the content you need with the flexibility you demand.

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Elsevier Australia Student Ambassadors

Sponsored Elsevier Australia Student Ambassadors are part of a team of medical students dedicated to sharing their experiences with balancing life and the challenges of preparing for a career in healthcare. The goal of each ambassador is to post useful and insightful articles, videos and comments!

While Elsevier Australia Student Ambassadors are sponsored by Elsevier Australia Health Sciences, their comments and posts are their own thoughts and experiences. To find out more, visit the ambassadors at www.facebook.com/elsevieraumedstudents