Embryology , 2nd Edition

By Barry Mitchell, BSc, MSc, PhD, FIBMS, FIBiol and Ram Sharma, BSc, MSc, PhD
An Illustrated Colour Text
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EMBRYOLOGY provides a concise and highly illustrated text, which confines its descriptions to those that are relevant for modern undergraduate and postgraduate medical courses, and similar courses in other related disciplines. An appreciation of embryology is essential to understand topological relationships in gross anatomy and to explain many congenital anomalies. Each chapter is supplemented by clinical point 'boxes' and by key revision points.

Key Features
  • Text in concise Illustrated Colour Text style, so core information on embryology can be quickly recognised and digested.
  • Clear full colour diagrams and pictures make the embryological concepts clear and easily assimilated.
  • Clinical boxes highlight essential points of importance to medical students.
ISBN 9780702032257
Table of Content How does an embryo form? How do the placenta and fetal membrane form? The body cavities and the diaphragm. The muscular and skeletal system. The respiratory systenm. The cardiovascular system. The digestive system. The urinary system. The reproductive system. The nervous system. Development of the head and neck, the eye and the ear.
Author Information By Barry Mitchell, BSc, MSc, PhD, FIBMS, FIBiol, Dean, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK and Ram Sharma, BSc, MSc, PhD, Lecturer in Anatomical Sciences, Centre for Learning Anatomical Sciences, School of Medicine, University of Southampton, UK
Trim 297x210
Pages 88
Publication Date 18-06-2009
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Published Reviews For me embryology is just a subsection of anatomy, so this book is perfect: easy to dip into with the main stages of development split into distinct chapters, a far cry from other thick embryology texts that are both consuming in terms of both time and money.
Clinical and summary boxes can be found in each chapter, and are ideal for last minute cramming, and the glossary is well suited to the MCQ nature of medical exams. I would recommend this book to anyone who views embryology as a compulsory part of his or her anatomy course. - Medical Student, University of Cambridge
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