Journal of Physiotherapy

Official Journal of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Journal of Physiotherapy is the official journal of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The journal's mission is to publish significant research which has important implications for physiotherapy
(also known as physical therapy). Our vision is for the journal to be the pre-eminent international publication of the science and practice of physiotherapy.

In January 2008 Journal of Physiotherapy became the first physiotherapy journal to conform to the ICMJE requirement whereinrandomisedtrials are registered with arecognisedTrial Registry.

The journalprioritisessystematic reviews and reports of clinical trials, economic analyses, experimental studies, qualitative studies, epidemiological studies, and observational studies.

In January 2014 the journal became the first core physiotherapy/physical therapy journal to make Editorials and peer-reviewed original research freely-available.

In 2016 the APA extended their support of excellence in physiotherapy practice by sponsoring Open Access publication of all Journal of Physiotherapy content. All past, present and future journal
articles are therefore freely accessible. There are no author fees for publication.






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