Ophthalmology Secrets in Color, 4th Edition

By Janice Gault, MD, FACS and James F. Vander, MD
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Portable and high yield, Ophthalmology Secrets in Color is perfect for use in clerkships, for exam prep, or as a handy clinical reference. From basic science to problems of the aging eye, it covers everything you need to stay abreast of the latest in this broad specialty. A bestselling volume in the popular Secret Series®, its Q&A format, helpful lists and tables, and informal tone combine to make reference fast, easy, and enjoyable.

"This is a quality book that multiple audiences may find helpful. The question-and-answer presentation, along with the easy-to-read, high-yield format make for an enjoyable read that benefits students, residents, and clinicians alike." - Nathan V Harms, M.D. (University of Nebraska College of Medicine)

Key Features
  • A question-and-answer format, bulleted lists, mnemonics, and practical tips from the authors expedite reference and review.
  • Two-color page layout, "Key Points" boxes, and lists of useful websites enhance your reference power.
  • Top 100 Secrets section combines the top 100, high-yield facts into one chapter, providing a concise overview of the latest issues in ophthalmology.
  • High-yield content is ideal for exam preparation.
  • Key clinical images are presented in full-color.
  • Portable size is designed to fit perfectly into a lab coat pocket.

New to this Edition
  • Updated chapters reflect the latest advances in ophthalmology.
  • Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience gives access to the text, figures, and references on a variety of devices.
ISBN 9780323323086
Table of Content

Chapter 1: Clinical Anatomy of the Eye

  Kenneth B. Gum

Chapter 2: Anatomy of the Orbit and Eyelid

  Edward H. Bedrossian, Jr.

Chapter 3: Optics and Refraction

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 4: Color Vision

  Mitchell S. Fineman

Chapter 5: Ophthalmic and Orbital Testing

  Caroline R. Baumal and Michael D. Tibbitts

Chapter 6: Visual Fields

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 7: The Red Eye

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 8: Corneal Infections

  Nisha Mukherjee, Sherman W. Reeves, Elisabeth J. Cohen, and Terry Kim

Chapter 9: Ophthalmia Neonatorum

  Janine G. Tabas and Kristin M. DiDomenico

Chapter 10: Topical Antibiotics and Steroids

  Amir A. Azari and Christopher J. Rapuano

Chapter 11: Dry Eyes

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 12: Corneal Dystrophies

  Sadeer B. Hannush and Lorena Riveroll-Hannush

Chapter 13: Keratoconus

  Irving Raber

Chapter 14: Refractive Surgery

  Sebastian P. Lesniak and Brandon D. Ayres

Chapter 15: Glaucoma

  Mary J. Cox and George L. Spaeth

Chapter 16: Angle-Closure Glaucoma

  Paul Harasymowycz, Jing Wang, and George L. Spaeth 

Chapter 17: Secondary Open-Angle Glaucoma

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 18: Medical Treatment of Glaucoma

  Grace L. Kim, Alexander B. Theventhiran, Jeffrey D. Henderer, and Richard P. Wilson 

Chapter 19: Trabeculectomy Surgery

  Marlene R. Moster and Augusto Azuara-Blanco

Chapter 20: Traumatic Glaucoma and Hyphema

  Douglas J. Rhee and Shipra Gupta

Chapter 21: Cataracts

  Richard Tipperman

Chapter 22: Techniques of Cataract Surgery

  Sydney Tyson

Chapter 23: Complications of Cataract Surgery

  John D. Dugan, Jr. and Robert S. Bailey, Jr. 

Chapter 24: Amblyopia

  Lauren B. Yeager and Steven E. Brooks 

Chapter 25: Esodeviations

  Scott E. Olitsky and Leonard B. Nelson

Chapter 26: Miscellaneous Ocular Deviations

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 27: Strabismus Surgery

  Bruce M. Schnall

Chapter 28: Nystagmus

  Jonathan H. Salvin

Chapter 29: The Pupil

  Mark L. Moster, Barry Schanzer, and Peter J. Savino

Chapter 30: Diplopia

  Tal J. Rubinstein and Julian D. Perry

Chapter 31: Optic Neuritis

  Mark L. Moster, Barry Schanzer, and Peter J. Savino

Chapter 32: Miscellaneous Optic Neuropathies and Neurologic Disturbances

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 33: Tearing and the Lacrimal System

  Nancy G. Swartz and Marc S. Cohen

Chapter 34: Proptosis

  David G. Buerger

Chapter 35: Thyroid Eye Disease

  Robert B. Penne

Chapter 36: Orbital Inflammatory Diseases

  Nicole A. Langelier, Usiwoma Abugo, and Roberta E. Gausas

Chapter 37: Ptosis

  Carolyn S. Repke

Chapter 38: Eyelid Tumors

  Janice A. Gault

Chapter 39: Uveitis

  Tamara R. Vrabec, Caroline R. Baumal, and Vincent F. Baldassano, Jr. 

Chapter 40: Toxic Retinopathies

  Chrysoula Koutsiouki, Sobha Sivaprasad, and Philip G. Hykin

Chapter 41: Coats Disease

  William Tasman

Chapter 42: Fundus Trauma

  Jeffrey P. Blice

Chapter 43: Age-Related Macular Degeneration

  Joseph I. Maguire II

Chapter 44: Retinopathy of Prematurity

  James F. Vander

Chapter 45: Diabetic Retinopathy

  James F. Vander

Chapter 46: Retinal Arterial Obstruction

  Rebecca Droms and Jay S. Duker

Chapter 47: Retinal Venous Occlusive Disease

  Ehsan Rahimy

Chapter 48: Retinal Detachment

  Michael J. Borne and James F. Vander

Chapter 49: Retinoblastoma

  Carol L. Shields

Chapter 50: Pigmented Lesions of the Ocular Fundus

  Jerry A. Shields and Carol L. Shields

Chapter 51: Ocular Tumors

  Ralph C. Eagle Jr.

Chapter 52: Orbital Tumors

  Jurij R. Bilyk

Author Information By Janice Gault, MD, FACS, Associate Surgeon, Cataract and Primary Eye Care Service, Wills Eye Hospital, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Eye Physicians PC, Voorhees, New Jersey and James F. Vander, MD, Attending Surgeon, Retina Service, Wills Eye Hospital; Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Trim 5.25 x 8.5
Pages 464
Publication Date 21-05-2015
Stock Status Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.
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