Linne & Ringsrud's Clinical Laboratory Science , 7th Edition

By Mary Louise Turgeon, EdD, MLS(ASCP)CM
Concepts, Procedures, and Clinical Applications
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Using a discipline-by-discipline approach, Linne & Ringsrud's Clinical Laboratory Science: Concepts, Procedures, and Clinical Applications, 7th Edition provides a fundamental overview of the skills and techniques you need to work in a clinical laboratory and perform routine clinical lab tests. Coverage of basic laboratory techniques includes key topics such as safety, measurement techniques, and quality assessment. Clear, straightforward instructions simplify lab procedures, and are described in the CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute) format. Written by well-known CLS educator Mary Louise Turgeon, this text includes perforated pages so you can easily detach procedure sheets and use them as a reference in the lab!

Key Features
  • Hands-on procedures guide you through the exact steps you'll perform in the lab.
  • Review questions at the end of each chapter help you assess your understanding and identify areas requiring additional study.
  • A broad scope makes this text an ideal introduction to clinical laboratory science at various levels, including CLS/MT, CLT/MLT, and Medical Assisting, and reflects the taxonomy levels of the CLS/MT and CLT/MLT exams.
  • Detailed full-color illustrations show what you will see under the microscope.
  • An Evolve companion website provides convenient online access to all of the procedures in the text, a glossary, audio glossary, and links to additional information.
  • Case studies include critical thinking and multiple-choice questions, providing the opportunity to apply content to real-life scenarios.
  • Learning objectives help you study more effectively and provide measurable outcomes to achieve by completing the material.
  • Streamlined approach makes it easier to learn the most essential information on individual disciplines in clinical lab science.
  • Experienced author, speaker, and educator Mary Lou Turgeon is well known for providing insight into the rapidly changing field of clinical laboratory science.
  • Convenient glossary makes it easy to look up definitions without having to search through each chapter.

New to this Edition
  • NEW! Procedure worksheets have been added to most chapters; perforated pages make it easy for students to remove for use in the lab and for assignment of review questions as homework.
  • NEW! Instrumentation updates show new technology being used in the lab. 
  • NEW! Additional key terms in each chapter cover need-to-know terminology.
  • NEW! Additional tables and figures in each chapter clarify clinical lab science concepts.
ISBN 9780323225458
Table of Content

PART I: Basic Laboratory Techniques
1. Fundamentals of the Clinical Laboratory
2. Safety in the Clinical Laboratory
3. Quality Assessment and Quality Control in the Clinical Laboratory
4. Phlebotomy: Collecting and Processing Blood
5. The Microscope
6. Systems of Measurement, Laboratory Equipment, and Reagents
7. Laboratory Mathematics and Solution Preparation
8. Basic and New Techniques in the Clinical Laboratory
9. Delivery of Laboratory Testing: From Point-of-Care Testing to Total Automation 

PART II: Clinical Laboratory Specializations
10. Introduction to Clinical Chemistry
11. Principles and Practice of Clinical Hematology
12. Introduction to Hemostasis
13. Renal Physiology and Urinalysis
14. Examination of Body Fluids and Miscellaneous Specimens
15. Introduction to Microbiology
16. Immunology and Serology
17. Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine
Appendix A: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stem Words
Appendix B: Abbreviations
Appendix C: Quick Reference Values
Appendix D: Answers to End of Chapter Review Questions and Case Studies Questions

Author Information By Mary Louise Turgeon, EdD, MLS(ASCP)CM, Clinical Laboratory Education Consultant, Mary L. Turgeon & Associates, Boston, MA, and St. Petersburg, FL; Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Tufts University, Boston, MA; Adjunct Professor, Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies, Boston, MA; Professor, South University, Physician Assistant Program, Tampa, FL
Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
Pages 674
Publication Date 09-04-2015
Stock Status Please allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.
Published Reviews

This edition has updated virtually every chapter to remain current with contemporary clinical laboratory science. Obviously a book this broadly focused cannot go into the level of detail of standard laboratory medicine textbooks, and this one hits the right tone and level of detail for students or practitioners early in their career.

This is a great companion book to accompany didactic or practical training of medical laboratory scientist training programs. It is very useful for anyone wanting a broad and basic understanding of clinical laboratory science.

Valerie L. Ng, PhD MD(Alameda County Medical Center/Highland Hospital), Doody Review Service

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