Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, 2-Volume Set, 5th ANZ Edition, 5th Edition

By Diane Brown, AO, RN, PhD, GDipHEd, BAppSci, Cert AcuteN, Obst Cert, Helen Edwards, RN, Dip Nursing Management, BA(Hons), PhD, FACN, FAAN, OAM, Thomas Buckley, RN, MN, PhD, CertICU, GradCertHPlo, Robyn L Aitken, RN, Cert Anaes/RR, BEdSt, MEdSt, PhD and Plowman Evan, MN, BN, BClinPrac(Paramedics)
Includes Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing for Medical Surgical Nursing, ANZ 5e
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Lewis's Medical-Surgical Nursing ANZ 5th edition continues as the most comprehensive, go-to reference for developing the core aspects of professional nursing care in Australia and New Zealand.

With a clear framework of person-centred care, critical thinking, clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice underpinning the assessment and management of adults with complex, acute and chronic healthcare issues, the 5th edition provides nursing students with the foundations for developing expert clinical practice.

Thoroughly revised, the new edition responds to key health priorities, providing an innovative approach to addressing Indigenous health in Australia and New Zealand. Greater emphasis is also given to the issues of: self-care; examination of the nurse's role within an interprofessional team; and management of the deteriorating patient, to reflect the changing nature of nursing practice in the contemporary healthcare environment.

This now includes Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing for Medical Surgical Nursing, ANZ 5e. Corresponding chapter-by-chapter to the core text, EAQ prepares students for tutorials, lectures and exams, with access to thousands of exam-style questions at your fingertips.

Key Features

Includes Elsevier Adaptive Quizzing for Potter & Perry's Fundamentals of Nursing, ANZ 6e

  • Over 4,200 self-quizzing localised questions and rationales that allows students to advance at their own pace - based on performance - through multiple mastery levels for each chapter
  • A comprehensive dashboard allows students to view their progress, and identify areas of strength and weakness

Additional resources on Evolve

eBook on VitalSource

Student and Instructor Resources

  • Review Questions
  • Conceptual Care Map creator
  • Student Case studies
  • Fluids and Electrolytes tutorial
  • Nursing Care Plans

Instructor Resources

  • Test Bank
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Image bank

New to this Edition
  • Now available in either hard cover or 2-volume set paperback formats
  • New chapters:

    • Chapter 3: Stress and coping. This chapter explores theoretical models of stress, the impact of stress on human functioning, and strategies for coping with stress in the context of nursing practice and healthcare delivery
    • Chapter 5: Working with Indigenous peoples of Australia and New Zealand. Co-authored by highly respected Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics from Australia and New Zealand, the chapter role-models Indigenous and non-Indigenous health professionals working alongside each other to improve health outcomes, and the practical role that nurses can play to improve the healthcare experiences of Indigenous people.
    • Chapter 69: Recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient. Authored by one of Australia's leaders in emergency response education, this chapter is designed to develop capability in relation to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards 2017, specifically Standard 8: Recognising and responding to acute deterioration.
    • Chapter 70: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: basic and advanced life support. Based on the Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR) guidelines, this chapter promotes a problem-solving approach to the management of a patient in cardiac arrest by providing the science behind the techniques and interventions used to treat a patient in cardiac arrest.
ISBN 9780729544153
Table of Content

SECTION 1 Concepts in nursing practice

1 The importance of nursing
2 Patient safety and clinical reasoning: Thinking like a nurse
3 NEW Stress and Stress Management
4 Health disparities and cultural care
5 NEW Indigenous health 
6 Pain management
7 Palliative care
8 Substance use and dependency
9 Rural and remote area nursing

SECTION 2 Pathophysiological mechanisms of disease
10 Nursing management: Inflammation and wound healing
11 Genetics and genomics
12 Altered immune responses and transplantation
13 Nursing management: Infection and human immunodeficiency virus infection
14 Cancer
15 Nursing management: Fluid, electrolyte and acid-base imbalances

SECTION 3 Perioperative care
16 Nursing management: Preoperative care
17 Nursing management: Intraoperative care
18 Nursing management: Postoperative care

SECTION 4 Problems related to altered sensory input
19 Nursing assessment: Visual and auditory systems
20 Nursing management: Visual and auditory problems
21 Nursing assessment: Integumentary system
22 Nursing management: Integumentary problems
23 Nursing management: Burns

SECTION 5 Problems of oxygenation: Ventilation
24 Nursing assessment: Respiratory system
25 Nursing management: Upper respiratory problems
26 Nursing management: Lower respiratory problems
27 Nursing management: Obstructive pulmonary diseases

SECTION 6 Problems of oxygenation: Transport
28 Nursing assessment: Haematological system
29 Nursing management: Haematological problems

SECTION 7 Problems of oxygenation: Perfusion
30 Nursing assessment: Cardiovascular system
31 Nursing management: Hypertension
32 Nursing management: Coronary artery disease and acute coronary syndrome
33 Nursing management: Heart failure
34 Nursing management: ECG monitoring and arrhythmias
35 Nursing management: Inflammatory and structural heart disorders
36 Nursing management: Vascular disorders

Volume 2 (in paperback format)

SECTION 8 Problems of ingestion, digestion, absorption and elimination
37 Nursing assessment: Gastrointestinal system
38 Nursing management: Nutritional problems
39 Nursing management: Obesity
40 Nursing management: Upper gastrointestinal problems
41 Nursing management: Lower gastrointestinal problems
42 Nursing management: Liver, pancreas and biliary tract problems

SECTION 9 Problems of urinary function
43 Nursing assessment: Urinary system
44 Nursing management: Renal and urological problems
45 Nursing management: Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease

SECTION 10 Problems related to regulatory and reproductive mechanisms
46 Nursing assessment: Endocrine system
47 Nursing management: Diabetes mellitus
48 Nursing management: Endocrine problems
49 Nursing assessment: Reproductive system
50 Nursing management: Breast disorders
51 Nursing management: Sexually transmitted infections
52 Nursing management: Female reproductive problems
53 Nursing management: Male reproductive problems

SECTION 11 Problems related to movement and coordination
54 Nursing assessment: Nervous system
55 Nursing management: Acute intracranial problems
56 Nursing management: The patient with a stroke
57 Nursing management: Chronic neurological problems
58 Nursing management: Delirium, depression and dementia
59 Nursing management: Peripheral nerve and spinal cord problems
60 Nursing assessment: Musculoskeletal system
61 Nursing management: Musculoskeletal trauma and orthopaedic surgery
62 Nursing management: Musculoskeletal problems
63 Nursing management: Arthritis and connective tissue diseases

SECTION 12 Nursing care in specialised settings
64 Nursing management: Critical care environment
65 Nursing management: Shock, systemic inflammatory response syndrome and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
66 Nursing management: Respiratory failure and acute respiratory distress syndrome
67 Nursing management: Emergency care situations
68 Chronic illness and complex care
69 NEW Recognising and responding to the deteriorating patient
70 NEW Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: basic and advanced life support

Author Information By Diane Brown, AO, RN, PhD, GDipHEd, BAppSci, Cert AcuteN, Obst Cert, Nursing Education Consultant, World Health Organization/UTS Collaborating Centre, Faculty of Health, University of Technology, Sydney ; Professorial Fellow, Charles Darwin University ; Adjunct Professor, University of Technology Sydney ; Visiting Professor Fakultas Ilmu Keperawatan, University of Indonesia; Helen Edwards, RN, Dip Nursing Management, BA(Hons), PhD, FACN, FAAN, OAM, Associate Dean, International and Engagement, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology, Qld, Australia; Thomas Buckley, RN, MN, PhD, CertICU, GradCertHPlo, Associate Professor and Academic Leader Research Education, Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery ; Faculty of Medicine and Health, The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia; Robyn L Aitken, RN, Cert Anaes/RR, BEdSt, MEdSt, PhD, Associate Professor, Menzies School of Health Research ; Executive Director, Top End Health Service Clinical Innovation & Research, Northern Territory, Australia and Plowman Evan, MN, BN, BClinPrac(Paramedics), Lecturer in Nursing Charles Sturt University Boorooma St Building 2, Wagga Wagga Campus Wagga Wagga, NSW, 2650 Australia
Publication Date 15-08-2019
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