A Companion Guide to Last's Anatomy

By S Ali Mirjalili, MD, PhD, PGDipSurgAnat, PGCertCPU and Quentin Fogg, BSc (HONS), PhD, FRCPS(GLasg)
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This invaluable book is a concise companion to the ninth edition of Last's Anatomy, the leading anatomy text for trainee surgeons in Australia and New Zealand.

The Companion guide summarises the relevant anatomy information of each section of Last's Anatomy, providing useful diagrams and prosection images that will answer immediate anatomy questions for time-poor students, and encourage them to dive deeper into the full version.

Suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate medical, anatomy, physiotherapy and nursing students, the companion provides the key learning outcomes needed to pass the anatomy component of the General Surgical Science Examination, while providing an indispensable reference to support their work on the wards.

Key Features
  • Synopsis of the key learning outcomes contained within Last's Anatomy for quick and easy reference.
  • Easy to follow key information and anatomical details, to assist with GSSE exam preparation.
  • Colour diagrams and prosection images replicate GSSE questions.
  • All anatomical details align with the 9th edition of Last's Anatomy and the GSSE.
  • An eBook included in all print purchases.
ISBN 9780729544085
Table of Content

Chapter 1: Upper Limb

Part 1 Pectoral Girdle
Part 2 Axilla
Part 3 Breast
Part 4 Shoulder Region
Part 5 Anterior Compartment of the Arm
Part 6 Posterior Compartment of the Arm
Part 7 Anterior Compartment of the Forearm
Part 8 Posterior Compartment of the Forearm
Part 9 Wrist and Hand

Chapter 2: Lower Limb

Part 1 Anterior Compartment of the Thigh
Part 2 Medial Compartment of the Thigh
Part 3 Gluteal Region and Hip Joint
Part 4 Posterior Compartment of the Thigh
Part 5 Popliteal Fossa, Knee Joint and Leg
Part 6 Anterior Compartment of the Leg
Part 7 Dorsum of the Foot
Part 8 Lateral Compartment of the Leg
Part 9 Posterior Compartment of the Leg
Part 10 Sole of the Foot
Part 11 Ankle and Foot Joints

Chapter 3: Thorax

Part 1 Body Wall
Part 2 Thoracic Wall and Diaphragm
Part 3 Thoracic Cavity
Part 4 Superior Mediastinum
Part 5 Anterior Mediastinum
Part 6 Middle Mediastinum and Heart
Part 7 Posterior Mediastinum
Part 8 Pleura
Part 9 Lungs

Chapter 4: Abdomen and Pelvis

Part 1 Anterior Abdominal Wall
Part 2 Abdominal Cavity
Part 3 Peritoneum
Part 4 Vessels and Nerves of the Gut
Part 5 Gastrointestinal Tract
Part 6 Liver and Biliary Tract
Part 7 Pancreas
Part 8 Spleen
Part 9 Posterior Abdominal Wall
Part 10 Kidneys, Ureters and Suprarenal Glands
Part 11 Pelvic Cavity
Part 12 Rectum
Part 13 Urinary Bladder and Ureter in the Pelvis
Part 14 Male Internal Genital Organs
Part 15 Female Internal Genital Organs and Urethra
Part 16 Pelvic Peritoneum, Vessels and Nerves
Part 17 Perineum
Part 18 Male Urogenital Region
Part 19 Female Urogenital Region
Part 20 Pelvic Joints and Ligaments

Chapter 5: Head and Neck and Spine

Part 1 General Topography of the Neck
Part 2 Triangles of the Neck
Part 3 Suprahyoid Region
Part 4 Prevertebral Region
Part 5 Root of the Neck
Part 6 Face
Part 7 Scalp
Part 8 Parotid Region
Part 9 Infratemporal Region
Part 10 Pterygopalatine Fossa
Part 11 Nose and Paranasal Sinuses
Part 12 Mouth and Hard Palate
Part 13 Pharynx and Soft Palate
Part 14 Larynx
Part 15 Orbit and Eye
Part 16 Lymph Drainage of Head and Neck
Part 17 Temporomandibular Joint
Part 18 Ear
Parts 19 and 20 Vertebral Column and Osteology of Vertebrae
Part 21 Cranial Cavity and Meninges

Author Information By S Ali Mirjalili, MD, PhD, PGDipSurgAnat, PGCertCPU , Senior lecturer, Anatomy and Medical Imaging Department, University of Auckland; Convenor of Science for Surgens Course, Department of Surgery, University of Auckland and Quentin Fogg, BSc (HONS), PhD, FRCPS(GLasg), Associate Professor in Clinical Anatomy, Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Trim 229 x 152 (6 x 9)
Pages 10
Publication Date 20-07-2021
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