Jarvis's Physical Examination & Health Assessment Pocket Companion , 2nd Edition

By Helen Forbes, RN, BAppSc (Adv Nurs), MEdStudies, PhD and Elizabeth Watt, RN, RM, DipN, BAppSc (Adv Nurs), MNS, Cert Prom Cont, FACN
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Jarvis's Physical Examination and Health Assessment Pocket Companion is the perfect clinical placement guide and bedside resource. Written by Helen Forbes and Elizabeth Watts, this must-have text provides the essential steps for health assessment in an user-friendly, pocket size format.

This updated second edition highlights the contrast between normal and abnormal findings, focusing on symptom, risk and function.

Key Features
  • Interviewing, health history taking and assessment techniques clearly outlined
  • Cultural and social considerations and Developmental considerations indicated throughout
  • Over 150 full-colour illustrations and photos demonstrating anatomy, physiology and examination techniques
  • Summary checklists

New to this Edition
  • Essential health assessment content presented in a tabular and bullet point format to ensure quick and easy access to crucial information
  • Fully aligned to Jarvis's Physical Examination and Health Assessment ANZ, 2nd edition
  • Focus on key themes of Quality and patient safety and Communication
ISBN 9780729541978
Table of Content Chapter 1 - Getting started with health assessment
Chapter 2 - The health assessment interview and the health history
Chapter 3 - Physical assessment techniques
Chapter 4 - General survey, measurement, vital signs
Chapter 5 - Mental health assessment
Chapter 6 - Neurological function
Chapter 7 - Pain assessment
Chapter 8 - Eye function
Chapter 9 - Ear function
Chapter 10 - Peripheral vascular assessment
Chapter 11 - Cardiac function
Chapter 12 - Upper airways
Chapter 13 - Lower airways
Chapter 14 - Musculoskeletal function
Chapter 15 - Nutritional and metabolic function
Chapter 16 - Skin, hair and nails
Chapter 17 - Abdominal assessment
Chapter 18 - Urinary function
Chapter 19 - Bowel function
Chapter 20 - Female sexual and reproductive function
Chapter 21 - Male sexual and reproductive function
Chapter 22 - Breast assessment
Author Informaiton By Helen Forbes, RN, BAppSc (Adv Nurs), MEdStudies, PhD, Associate Head of School (Teaching & Learning) School of Nursing & Midwifery, Deakin University, Melbourne, Victoria and Elizabeth Watt, RN, RM, DipN, BAppSc (Adv Nurs), MNS, Cert Prom Cont, FACN, Year 3 Coordinator and Course Coordinator Master of Nursing (Urological & Continence) Course, La Trobe University/Austin Health Clinical School of Nursing, School of Nursing & Midwifery (Melbourne Campus), Victoria
Pages 326
Publication Date 07-06-2016
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