International Nurses MonthInternational Nurses Month

Throughout the month of May, we are celebrating nurses' dedication to care. To help your continuous learning, teaching and caring, you'll find below a selection of our best resources to tackle today's most pressing issues. In addition, all nursing books & eBooks are 20% off this month!

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Leadership in nursing

  1. Paperback 20 % off
    Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care
    Diana J. Mason
    Regular Price AU$146.95 Special Price AU$117.56
  2. Paperback 20 % off
    Leading with Mastery and Heart
    Catherine Robinson-Walker
    Regular Price AU$43.93 Special Price AU$35.15
  3. Paperback 20 % off
    Leadership and Nursing Care Management
    Diane Huber
    Regular Price AU$139.95 Special Price AU$111.96
  4. Paperback 20 % off
    Leading and Managing in Nursing
    Patricia S. Yoder-Wise
    Regular Price AU$125.99 Special Price AU$100.79
  5. Paperback 20 % off
    Nursing Delegation and Management of Patient Care
    Kathleen Motacki
    Regular Price AU$118.95 Special Price AU$95.16
  6. Paperback 20 % off
    Guide to Nursing Management and Leadership
    Ann Marriner Tomey
    Regular Price AU$103.95 Special Price AU$83.16

Evolving skills

  1. Paperback 20 % off
    Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
    Edited by Jean V. Craig
    Regular Price AU$52.95 Special Price AU$42.36
  2. Hardback 25 % off
    Assistive Technologies
    Albert M. Cook
    Regular Price AU$157.95 Special Price AU$118.46
  3. Paperback 20 % off
    Burns and Grove's The Practice of Nursing Research
    Jennifer R. Gray
    Regular Price AU$185.94 Special Price AU$148.75
  4. Paperback 20 % off
    Transcultural Nursing
    Joyce Newman Giger
    Regular Price AU$117.95 Special Price AU$94.36
  5. Paperback 20 % off
    Nursing Care Plans
    Meg Gulanick
    Regular Price AU$91.95 Special Price AU$73.56
  6. Paperback 20 % off
    Success in Practical/Vocational Nursing
    Lisa Carroll
    Regular Price AU$93.98 Special Price AU$75.19
  7. Paperback 20 % off
    Nursing Today
    Edited by JoAnn Zerwekh
    Regular Price AU$133.00 Special Price AU$106.40
  8. Paperback 20 % off
    Contemporary Nursing
    Barbara Cherry
    Regular Price AU$118.95 Special Price AU$95.16

Health & prevention

  1. Paperback 20 % off
    Foundations for Health Promotion
    Jennie Naidoo
    Regular Price AU$57.95 Special Price AU$46.35
  2. Paperback 20 % off
    Health Behavior Change
    Pip Mason
    Regular Price AU$53.94 Special Price AU$43.15
  3. Paperback 20 % off
    Communication in Nursing
    Julia Balzer Riley
    Regular Price AU$112.95 Special Price AU$90.35
  4. Paperback 20 % off
    Interpersonal Relationships
    Elizabeth C. Arnold
    Regular Price AU$105.95 Special Price AU$84.77
  5. Paperback 20 % off
    Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span
    Carole Lium Edelman
    Regular Price AU$172.95 Special Price AU$138.36
  6. Paperback 20 % off
    Foundations for Population Health in Community/Public Health Nursing
    Marcia Stanhope
    Regular Price AU$196.94 Special Price AU$157.55
  7. Paperback 20 % off
    Williams' Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy
    Staci Nix McIntosh
    Regular Price AU$122.95 Special Price AU$98.36
  8. New Paperback 20 % off
    Health Visiting
    Edited by Patricia Burrows
    Regular Price AU$64.94 Special Price AU$51.95
  9. Paperback 20 % off
    Preparing Nurses for Disaster Management
    Joanne Langan
    Regular Price AU$121.95 Special Price AU$97.56

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