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One sure way to increase your knowledge of rare diseases

Rare diseases: some are not as rare as you may think. Every clinician can benefit from brushing up on their knowledge of rare disorders Ė and it may...

10 tips for writing a truly terrible journal article

Publish or perish? If you screw up, it might be publish and perish. Poor articles, even a single one, can ruin a scientistís career.

How disruptive innovation led to a new, first-of-its-kind learning platform

Determined to create something fundamentally new, a multidisciplinary team came together to do the opposite of conventional product development.

A look at the Weekend School teaching children about astronomy and rocket science.

Transition to Specialty Practice Program characteristics and professional development outcomes

An examination of emergency nursing Transition to Specialty Practice Programs in Australia.

Elsevier Wins Big at BMA Medical Book Awards!

We've cleaned up at the BMA Awards scoring 32 mentions across the event!

Health 'warning' for doctors

A leading US chief medical officer has warned Australian doctors it is only a matter of time before health insurers accelerate the 'never events' for...

Monash Health to integrate Elsevier's Order Sets with Cerner EMR

Integration to be Rolled out Across Victoria's Largest Public Health Service Provider's Network as Part of Wider Digital Transformation Program...

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