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Job Readiness for Health Professionals

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You might know how to properly bill patients, draw blood, or code in a professional work environment, but are you prepared to find and keep your next job? Using an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow format, Job Readiness for Health Professionals: Soft Skills Strategies for Success gives you an advantage in the job market by guiding you through what you need to know to master the essential soft skills - such as professional habits, attitudes, and personality traits - needed for every entry-level healthcare job. If you want long-term success as a working professional, then this book is for you!

Table of Contents

Key Features

  • Critical thinking exercises woven throughout skills include multidisciplinary scenarios from the field.
  • What If? boxes feature short scenarios for the you to think about how you would handle a situation in the workplace.
  • Case studies use fictional vignettes to illustrate the issues involved with the specific skills.
  • Down a Dark Road vignettes illustrate what can go terribly wrong when a skill is ignored or not mastered.
  • Behavioral objectives provided for mastering each skill.
  • Worktext format with journaling activities give you opportunities for self reflection on your skills progress.
  • Experiential Exercises are actions or experiments that you can perform on your own to gain a deeper appreciation for the skill.
  • Cross Currents with Other Skills cross references related skills, pointing out the synergies and connections between them.
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Author Information

By Elsevier
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Job Readiness for Health Professionals
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  • Pages: 256
  • Trim Size: 216 X 276 mm
  • Imprint: Saunders
  • ISBN: 9781455726974
  • Publication Date: 23-01-2012
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